Why are military dogs important?

Why should dogs be used in the military?

Today, military working dogs are a vital part of the armed forces, both in the U.S. and around the world. … Dogs are trained for specific jobs, including tracking, explosive detection, patrol, search and rescue, and attack. Their work is invaluable, and it’s no wonder that these dogs are precious resources.

Why are military dogs so important in places such as Afghanistan?

It is estimated that the U.S. military employed nearly 2,500 dogs during the height of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Today, these dogs continue to be a vital asset to our military, performing lifesaving tasks such as patrol duties, suspect apprehension, and explosives detection.

Why do military dogs outrank their handlers?

This tradition is in place to maintain order while training and on missions. As a higher ranking officer, any mistreatment of the dog will result in severe disciplinary action for the handler, thus ensuring the dog is being treated well within the military.

How many lives have military dogs saved?

It has been estimated that a highly trained military dog can save the lives of up to 150 to 200 service men and women during its career.

How smart are military dogs?

The vast majority of U.S. military working dogs are German and Dutch shepherds, and Belgian Malinois breeds Rolfe said are “very aggressive, very smart, very loyal and very athletic.”

What happens when a military dog dies?

When a dog is retired out, it is usually because of injury or sickness and the best person to care for the puppy is the handler. More than 90% of these good dogs get adopted by their handler. … Sadly, even the police force won’t take the rest of the military working dogs because of their age or injury.

Which dog is best for Army?

  • German Shepherd Dog. This beautiful pup is a top pick for a variety of reasons. …
  • Belgian Malinois. This German Shepherd look-alike possesses the same dependable, intelligent, and trainable personality as the real deal. …
  • Labrador Retriever. …
  • Doberman Pinscher. …
  • Rottweiler. …
  • Boxer. …
  • Airedale Terrier. …
  • Giant Schnauzer.

What is the highest rank for a dog in the military?

Every military working dog is an NCO – in tradition at least. Some say the custom was to prevent handlers from mistreating their dogs hence, a dog is always one rank higher than its handler. “That’s out of respect,” said Sgt. 1st Class Regina Johnson, operations superintendent at the Military Working Dog School.

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