What do you do when your dog wont go outside?

What does it mean when your dog doesn’t want to go outside?

Another reason why your dog might be reluctant to go outside is because they are in pain. Perhaps they have injured their paw and walking hurts, they have a splinter that needs taking out or they are dealing with overgrown nails that dig into their paw pads when they walk.

Should you force your dog to go outside?

If you have a dog that is anxious, I wouldn’t force it to do anything that adds stress. If it’s a particularly bad walk, they can carry that stress with them back home, and it can take hours to recover from. I have a reactive dog, and she lives a perfectly happy life without going on long walks every day.

How long can a dog go without being let out?

The short answer and the general average time that a healthy dog can hold their pee ranges from six to eight hours, but they should never go longer than 10 hours at a maximum. This means that you should let them out at least three to five times a day if not more often. There are exceptions to this rule.

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