What college has a collie?

What college mascot is a collie?

Reveille is the official mascot of Texas A&ampM University. Students adopted the first Reveille, a mixed-breed dog, in 1931….Reveille (dog)ReveilleUniversityTexas A&ampM UniversityConferenceSECDescriptionRough CollieFirst seen19311 more row

Why does Texas A&M have a collie?

Since 1966, the mascot at Texas A&ampM has been a collie dog. The original Reveille was an injured, mixed-breed dog taken in by cadets back in ’31. At that time, dogs were not permitted in the dorms. One morning when reveille sounded to wake up the students, the dog barked and was discovered.

What’s an Aggie Texas A&M?

What is an Aggie? An Aggie is a student at Texas A&ampM. In the early 1900s, Texas A&ampM students were referred to as “Farmers.” The term Aggie began to be used in the 1920s, and in 1949, when the yearbook changed its name from The Longhorn to Aggieland, Aggie became the official student body nickname.

How many Reveilles have there been at Texas A&M?

She’s a Rough Collie, and there have been nine of them since 1931, when the first Reveille assumed mascot duties (though the first pure bred wasn’t until Reveille III).

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