What causes itp in dogs?

What triggers ITP in dogs?

Primary ITP is associated with certain breeds and is presumed to have a genetic component. Diseases that have been associated with ITP include cancerous, inflammatory, and infectious disease. Vaccines and certain drugs have also been implicated as causes of ITP. In most cases of ITP the exact cause is not identified.

What is the most common cause of low platelet count in dogs?

Extreme blood loss due to a hemorrhage. Increased destruction of platelets in the body (infectious agents are the most common cause of this problem)

How do you treat ITP in dogs?

The mainstay of treatment for ITP is immunosuppressive corticosteroid therapy, usually given as prednisone starting at 2 mg/kg/day (or 30 mg/m2 for larger-breed dogs). This dose is gradually reduced once the platelet count has returned to normal, typically with dose reductions of 25% every two to four weeks.

Can dogs recover from ITP?

The prognosis for ITP ranges from good to guarded. Although almost 80 percent of dogs with this disorder will recover, that means that another 20 percent are either euthanized or die because of the disease. Several factors have been shown to effect prognosis.

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