How much does jaw surgery cost for a dog?

Can a dog survive a broken jaw?

The recovery outlook for mandible or maxilla fracture is very good depending on the cause and severity of the fracture. If the veterinarian is able to align the jaw, setting the fracture is usually a routine procedure that is highly successful.

Can a dog’s broken jaw heal on its own?

When a pet’s jaw fracture is allowed to heal on its own, we often see a granulation type of closure instead of bone to bone. This leaves the jaw weak and subject to refracture. It is also painful to the animal whenever they put pressure on the area in normal mastication (chewing).

How long can a dog live with a broken jaw?

Treating a Broken Jaw in Dogs The main goal of treatment is to make sure that the teeth line up correctly. Depending on the age of the patient and type of fracture, pets will typically fully recover from jaw surgery in 3 – 12 weeks.

What happens if a dog breaks his jaw?

Are There Complications to Treating a Broken Jaw? Complications can be encountered when treating jaw fractures. Common complications include, infection, tearing of sutures, malalignment of the healing fracture, or instability of the fracture site leading to a malunion or nonunion of the fracture.

How can I strengthen my dogs jaw?

Exercise: Chewing is a good exercise for a dog’s jaw muscles. It is especially important for a puppy because it needs to strengthen its jaws so that it can chew harder objects as it enters adulthood.

How do you fix a broken jaw at home?

What can I do to manage a jaw fracture?

  • Apply ice. Ice helps decrease swelling and pain. …
  • Eat soft or blenderized foods as directed. …
  • Clean your mouth 4 to 6 times each day. …
  • Do not play sports while your jaw heals. …
  • Do not put pressure on your jaw.
  • What happens if you leave a broken jaw untreated?

    It is important not to leave broken bones untreated as this may well result in difficulty with eating and drinking. Factures of any bones in the jaw will alter the way your mouth opens and closes, treatment will prevent risk of infections, dental decay and long term conditions such as arthritis.

    How painful is a broken jaw?

    You may experience the most pain and tenderness when chewing or speaking. If you have a severe jaw fracture, you might experience limited ability to move your jaw or be unable to move your jaw at all. Numbness and bruising in the face and gums are also normal to have if your jaw is fractured or broken.

    How long does it take for a broken jaw to heal completely?

    Many jaw fractures require surgery. Because of that, patients may need to follow up with an oral surgeon. Healing time varies with the type of fracture in general, the average time to heal a jawbone fracture takes about six weeks.

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