How did the tenterfield terrier get its name?

What breeds make a Tenterfield Terrier?

The Tenterfield Terrier was developed from Miniature Fox Terriers who traveled with their British companions to Australia during the 19th century. The breed takes its name for a town in New South Wales. Like other terriers, the Tenterfield Terrier is eager to hunt and chase away vermin.

Why are terriers called terriers?

The word “terrier” comes from the Middle French chien terrier — literally, dog of the earth. The dogs were originally bred to kill vermin — there’s still a breed known as the rat terrier. And it is this hunter’s instinct, this fearlessness, that has come to define the temperament of the breed today.

What is the difference between a Mini Foxie and a Tenterfield Terrier?

Tenterfield Terriers have an average emotional level and are not the most sensitive dog breed. Miniature Fox Terriers are genuinely loyal, soft and gentle, loving and affectionate dogs toward their handlers. Tenterfield Terriers are highly affectionate dogs.

Is a Tenterfield Terrier a mini fox terrier?

The Tenterfield Terrier breed standard differs from that of the Miniature Fox Terrier, and although they are sometimes confused, the two breeds have been developing along divergent lines for some time and are now separate breeds.

What is a Tenterfield Terrier?

A Tenterfield Terrier is a small breed of dog that got its name from an Australian town. It was bred to drive foxes, rats, and other small animals away from farms and homes. It is considered hypoallergenic, but it has a reputation for a low level of shedding.

Are Tenterfield Terriers good with kids?

Yes, these affectionate dogs have a reputation for being good with kids.

How long does a Tenterfield Terrier live?

The lifespan of this dog is 12 to 15 years.

Are Tenterfield Terriers good pets?

As a terrier type dog, the Tenterfield Terrier is an active and energetic breed. … These terriers are loving and loyal as family pets and they make a great companion for children as well as older individuals. As long as this breed’s needs for exercise are met, he can make a wonderful companion and house pet.

Are Tenterfield Terrier good dogs?

This terrier is a useful working dog and a wonderful companion. The Tenterfield Terrier can become destructive, and noisy if they are bored. … They are a very intelligent and trainable dog, they do require regular and consistent training They very good competitors in agility trails and fly-ball competitions.

What is the best Terrier to own?

Top List: Best Terrier Breeds

  • Boston Terrier. …
  • West Highland White Terrier. …
  • Bull Terrier. …
  • Yorkshire Terrier. …
  • American Staffordshire Terrier. …
  • American Hairless Terrier. …
  • Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. …
  • Jack Russell Terrier. The Jack Russell Terrier is incredibly cute and can seem like an easy-going and fun dog to be around.

Are Terriers difficult dogs?

Terriers are generally stubborn, and can turn aggressive (with the exception of Boston Terriers) if not properly trained. They can be wonderful dogs, but training dog breeds like Terriers requires a good deal of tenacity and will.

Are terrier dogs smart?

But at the same time, they are intelligent, bright, tenacious, and fearless, irrespective of their size and shape. They can be friendly with people, if they are socialized properly. It is highly important that these dogs go through proper obedience training.

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