How big do standard whoodles get?

At what age are Whoodles fully grown?

about 18 monthsStandard Whoodles are medium-sized dogs and will stop growing at about 18 months but will continue to bulk up with muscle for about another 6 months or so. With a Miniature Whoodle, you can expect to stop growing around 8 months old but may continue to add some weight and bulk for a couple more months.

How much does a Whoodle cost?

You can expect an average cost of around $1,200 per Whoodle puppy. You may find a puppy cheaper or even more expensive it really all comes down to the breeder and what they are providing for you as well as the puppy. Another way to get a Whoodle is to try looking into some rescues.

Can Whoodles be left alone?

Whoodles are seriously sociable and fun, which makes them great companions for kids. They tend to be gentle so even kids who are less than confident with pets can usually find a friend in the Whoodle. But that also means they can struggle with being home alone.

How big is a medium Whoodle?

20 to 45 lbFood and Diet Requirements. The Standard Whoodle is typically medium in size (20 to 45 lb). However, there are plenty of size variations such as the miniature and small sized Whoodles.

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