Can a american pit bull terrier and a border collie be friends?

What dogs get along with pitbulls?

7 Dog Breeds that Get Along with Pit Bulls

  • Basenji. Also called the ‘African Barkless Dog” a Basenji never barks. …
  • Cocker Spaniel. The second breed that gets along with Pit Bulls is the small and energetic Cocker Spaniel. …
  • German Shepherd. …
  • English Foxhound. …
  • Basset Hound. …
  • Beagle. …
  • Golden Retriever. …
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Are American pit bull terriers good with other dogs?

Because of their dog-fighting heritage, some American Pit Bull Terriers retain a tendency to be aggressive with other dogs, but if they are socialized early and trained to know what behavior is expected of them, that aggression can be minimized or overcome, and many are dog- and cat-friendly.

Do pitbulls get along with other dogs?

MYTH: If a Pit Bull was never trained to fight, it will be safe with other dogs. Pit bulls can live peacefully with other dogs and animals. However, the pit bull has historically been bred to take down large animals. Early and continual socialization can help a pit bull be more animal friendly.

What is a good companion dog for a border collie?

A dog with the same nature is good company for a Border Collie mix and will help to provide the exercise the dog needs. Topping the list of breeds that fit this bill are Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog and Belgian Tervuren. They match a Border Collie’s drive and size.

What breeds of dogs don’t get along?

Breed Considerations Herding dogs chase joggers, bicyclists, sheep, and cats, for instance—it’s a natural instinct, so be prepared for careful. There are always exceptions, but Kerry Blue Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, and other aggressive dog breeds may not get along with another canine.

Are pitbulls aggressive towards other dogs?

In general, pit bulls aren’t aggressive with people but are “less tolerant” of other dogs than many other breeds, says Pamela Reid, PhD, vice president of the ASPCA’s Animal Behavior Center in New York. They also have “great tenacity. They put their mind to something, and they do it.

Which dog can kill a lion?

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