Are tibetan spaniels good companion dogs?

Do Tibetan spaniels get along with other dogs?

Tibetan Spaniels generally get along well with other dogs and pets. They do well in homes with multiple dogs.

Do Tibetan spaniels like to cuddle?

Although they love to cuddle, Tibetan spaniels are independent and don’t require loads of attention. They also make good watchdogs. … Tibetan spaniels are prone to heat stroke, so take appropriate precautions when it’s hot outside.

Are Tibetan spaniels hard to train?

Because of his stubborn streak, the Tibetan Spaniel can be difficult to train. For the best results, start early and establish yourself as the Alfa of the household.

Do Tibetan spaniels have separation anxiety?

Tolerates Being Left Alone: Tibetan Spaniels tend to have separation anxiety when their owners left them alone at home because they bond very closely with them.

What is the lifespan of a Tibetan spaniel?

12 – 15 yearsTibetan spaniel/Life spanSearch for: What is the lifespan of a Tibetan spaniel?

Should I shave my Tibetan spaniel?

Please do not shave your Tibetan Spaniels. As a double coated breed they should not be shaved‘ unless for medical reasons.

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