Are indian pariah dogs good?

Do Indian pariah dogs bark a lot?

They will bark at and, possibly, show aggression towards strangers or unfamiliar dogs that enter their territory. Socialisation is especially important for this breed to overcome these issues. The Indian Pariah Dog has been shaped by natural rather than human selection.

Is Indian pariah dog good for first time owners?

Indian Pariah dogs are like the Nokia phones of the bygone era. They may not look that great. But they serve the purpose better than most other breeds in the dog world. These are tough dogs and they very rarely get sick.

Are Indian pariah dogs protective?

Personality: The personality of the Indian Pariah dog is friendly, protective, and playful. They form a very close bond with their family and are protective of them, which makes them a great guard dog.

Are Indian pariah dogs easy to train?

The Indian pariah dogs are very easily trainable. They love their master and they will always follow you. Teaching them basic dog commands like “stay”, “no”, “stop” can be easily done.

When to choose an Indian Pariah dog?

Indian Pariah dogs are alert, noisy, and intelligent. They are excellent guard dogs. If you are looking for an easy to maintain, free, and active dog, this is the dog for you. They make excellent pets, fond of kids, low maintenance, and a loyal family dog. Indian Pariah dogs can adapt to apartment living provided they get sufficient exercise.

How long does an Indian Pariah dog live?

The average life span of an Indian Pariah dog is between 12 to 15 years. Unlike modern dog breeds, Indian Pariah dogs remain throughout their life. Pariah is a landrace and has excellent immunity against most canine diseases.

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